Scientific programme

Thursday 16th
Auditorium Gaudí room
8:00 Radical Hysterectomy (120 min) Reconstruction Surgery (120 min)
Step by step: Pelvic spaces and nerve sparing

Jan Person (Sweden)

Step by step: Myomectomy

Celine Lönnerforts (Sweden)

Innovation: ICG-fluoresce guided surgery

Rainer Kimmig (Germany)

Tubal Surgery

Michel Degueldre (Belgium)

Results: Cochrane review/evidence

Alaa El-Ghobashy (UK)

Repair of Cesarean scar niche

Martin Heubner (Germany)

ROBOCER Spanish Study

Manel Barahona (Spain)


Surgeon muscular activity during robotics

Esther Moss (UK)


Robotic single-port radical hysterectomy plus pelvic lymphadenectomy. Giacomo Corrado (Italy) Safety and efficacy of robotic myomectomy. Study of 130 cases. Chatzirafail Vasiliki (Greece)
Moderators: Angelo Maggioni (Italy)
Javier De Santiago (Spain)
Moderators: Slavcho Tomov (Bulgary)
Ignacio Zapardiel (Spain)
10:00 Live Surgery: Myomectomy (90 min)
Robotic live surgery

Arnold Advincula (USA)

Conventional Laparoscopy

Francisco Carmona (Spain)

Moderators: Vito Cela (Italy) Michel Degueldre (Belgium) Jordi Rovira (Spain)
11:30 Video Debate:

Vessel Sealers (60 min)

Comunications Debate:

Improvements for patients (60 min)

Robotic Devices. Philippe Van Trappen (Belgium) Combined robot-assisted multi compartment prolapse surgery. Steven E Schraffordt (Netherlands)
Thunderbeat. Pere Bresco (Spain)  Robotic surgery: an optimal procedure in obese and morbidly obese woman. Myriam Gracia (Spain)
Harmoni. Santiago Domingo (Spain)  The POSAS scale to evaluate cosmetic outcomes of robotic single-port. Giacomo Corrado (Italy
Ligasure. Francisco Carmona (Spain)  Patient satisfaction with robotic surgery. Fiona Kew (UK)
A survey of patients’ satisfaction following robotic surgery. Alaa El-Ghobashy (UK)
Moderators: Ramon Carreras (Spain)
Lola Martí (Spain)
Moderators: Martin Rudnicki (Denmark)
Mikel Gorostidi (Spain)
12:30 Open Ceremony (30 min) 
13:00 Live Surgery: Radical Hysterectomy and ICG (120 min)

John Boggess (USA)

Conventional Laparoscopy.

Antonio Gil-Moreno (Spain)

Moderators: Javier Magrina (USA)
Marc Barahona (Spain)
Jordi Ponce (Spain)
15:00 Paraortic Lymphadenectomy (120 min) Deep Endometriosis (120 min)
Step by step: Landmarks, avoiding complications

Jordi Ponce (Spain)

Step by step Pierre Leguevaque (France)
Innovation: Moving from double docking to Da Vinci XI

Vanna Zanagnolo (Italy)

Innovation: A road map for nerve sparing.

Peter Barton-Smith (UK)

Results: European Multicenter Report Eric Lambaudie (France) Results: The Copenhagen experience. Torur Dalsgaard (Denmark)
Uper aortic dissection for advanced cervical
cancer. Fabrice Narducci (France)
Deep infiltrating endometriosis and infertility: the result of treatment. Alexander Popov (Russia)
STELLA trial: Robotic paraortic lymphadenectomy trans vs extraperitoneal approach. Blanca Gil-Ibáñez (Spain)

Rainer Kimmig (Germany), Jan Persson (Sweden)


Pierre Collinet (France) Elena Suárez (Spain)

Video Surgery Deep Endometriosis
Robotic. Pierre Collinet (France) Conventional Laparoscopy. Pere Barri (Spain)
Moderators: Pierre Leguevaque (France) Peter Barton Smith (UK)
17:00 Best selected videos (60 min)
Robot-assisted colpectomy in sex reassignment surgery. Johannes Trum (Netherlands)

Robotic hysterectomy of uterus didelphys. Korucuoglu Umit (Turkey)

Robot-assisted anterior exenteration and Bricker diversion. Jennifer Uzan (France)

Single-port robotic pelvic bulky lymph node resection. Mete Gungor (Turkey)

Resection of a lower uterine segment ectopic pregnancy. Chris Welsch (USA)


Vanna Zanagnolo (Italy)

René Verheijen (Netherlands)

Friday 17th
Auditorium Gaudí room
8:00 Endometrial Cancer (120 min) Simple Hysterectomy (120 min)
Step by step including sentinel node

Vanna Zanagnolo (Italy)

Step by step: Large Uterus Hysterectomy

Philippe Van Trappen (Belgium)

Innovation: Extended ressection PMMR

Rainer Kimmig (Germany

Innovation: Outpatient Hysterectomy

Celine Lönnerforts (Sweden)

Results: ROBOGYN Study

Fabrice Narducci (France)

Hysterectomy results: What about obese patients?

Thomas Hebert (France)

FRiENDS Study. Marielle Nobenhuis (UK) Transvaginal robotic hysterectomy: Two different approaches. Jan Baekelandt (Belgium)
Robotic vs conventional laparoscopy in elderly patients with endometrial cancer Meriem Koual (France) Robotic single-port vs robotic assisted laparoscopic total hysterectomy. Hye-Sung Moon (Korea)
Moderators: René Verheijen (Netherlands)
Santiago Domingo (Spain)
Moderators: Peter Barton-Smith (UK)
Amparo García (Spain)
10:00 Live Surgery: Hysterectomy for large uterus (90 min)
Pluvio Coronado (Spain)
Conventional Laparoscopy.
Juan Gilabert (Spain)
11:30 Video Debate:

Auxiliary Devices (60 min)

Communication debate:

Improvement for the surgeon (60 min)

Morcellation and bags Thomas Ind (UK) Early experiences of integrated table motion during gynaecological surgery J.A. Lippiatt (UK)
Airseal Platform. Jean-Louis Benifla (France)  A systematic review of the cost of robotics in gynecologic surgery. Christos Lavazzo (Italy)
Smart tables · Trumpf. Vito Cela (Italy) Impact of intra-uterine manipulation following robotic hysterectomy. Rasiah Bharathan (UK)
Uterine Manipulators · Rumi II.

Arnold Advincula (USA)

3D straight stick laparoscopy vs 3D robotics for task performance in novice surgeons. Fevzi Shakir (UK)
Surgeons’ stress and physiological parameters during robotic surgery. Mandy Mangler (Germany)
Moderators: Peter Barton-Smith (UK)
M. Jesús Pla (Spain)
Moderators: Jasper Verguts (Belgium)
Thomas Hebert (France)
12:30 Keynote Lecture · Progress in Gynaecological Surgery – revolution or evolution ·
Javier Magrina (USA · Spain) · (30 min)
13:30 Live Surgery: Endometrial Cancer (120 min)

Fabrice Narducci (France)

Conventional Laparoscopy.

Juan Carlos Muruzabal (Spain)

15:00 New Technologies (90 min) Ovarian Cancer (90 min)
Sentinel node by ICG. John Bogges (USA) Step by step. Manel Barahona (Spain)
Single Port Approach. Liliana Mereu (Italy) Innovation: Interval debulking.

Javier Magrina (USA)

Advantages from XI new model.
Jan Person (Sweden)
Results: Staging SERGS trial.

Eric Lambaudie (France),
Camille Jauffret (France

New robotics developments. Mark Slack (UK) Stripping and partial ressection of the diaphragm. Josef Maier (Austria)

René Verheijen (Netherlands), Jordi Ponce (Spain)


Lola Marti (Spain), Antonio Gil-Moreno (Spain)

16:30 Robot vs laparoscopy

This is not a battle (90 min)

How to become efficient. Jordi Ponce (Spain) Da Vinci S or SI versus new model Xi The development of the DV system. Christina Etén Bergqvist (Sweden) Managing the differences between the systems. Jane Petersson (Denmark)
Why Robotic is better? Henrik Falconer (Sweden) Perioperative care in robotics Patient positioning and perioperative care. Eva Martínez, Ana Mª Muñoz (Spain) Training and education. Jane Petersson (Denmark) Human factors in robotics. Dezita Taylor (UK)
Why Laparoscopy is better? Juan Gilabert (Spain) Safety in robotics The importance of clear communication. Christina Etén Bergqvist (Sweden) Gynecological patient safety in robotic surgery. Marta Cerrudo (Spain) Preventing complications. Dezita Taylor (UK)
State of the art · A panoramic view. Angelo Maggioni (Italy) Comparing laparoscopic and robotic surgery Pros and cons. Anna Miró, Mª Jose Bautista (Spain) Postoperative care after laparoscopy and robotic. Alba Carrasco, Ana Fernández (Spain)
Moderators: Javier Magrina (USA)
Vanna Zanagnolo (Italy)
18:00 SERGS General Assembly
20:00 Networking dinner/Get together on the beach
Saturday, June 18th
Auditorium Gaudí room
9:00 Educational (90 min) Sacrocolpopexy (90 min)
Fellowship Program. René Verheijen (Netherlands) Step by step: Devices, mesh and sutures. Marc Barahona (Spain)
Virtual training.
Michel Degueldre (Belgium)
Innovation. Etienne Vincens (France)
Evolution of research in robotic gynaecologic surgery. Rasiah Bharathan (UK) Robotic Burch and Sacrocervicopexia with uterus preservation. Fatih Sendag (Turkey)
Fellows Experience. Peter Rusch (Germany) Functional and sexual outcome robot-assisted sacrocolpopexy. Femke Van Zanten (Netherlands)
Laparoscopic and robot-assisted sacrocolpopexy: functional outcome. Alexander Popov (Russia)
Moderators: Slavcho Tomov (Bulgaria), Thomas Ind (UK) Moderators: Murat Dede (Turkey), Luís Fernández de Castillo (Spain)
10:30 Coffee Break 
11:00 Complications · Films and Results (90 min) Video Surgery: Sacrocolpopexy (60 min)
Vascular complications, manage and prevention.
Mikel Gorostidi (Spain)
Robotic. Etienne Vincens (France)
Malfunction of devices. Javier Magrina (USA) Conventional Laparoscopy. Irene Mora (Spain), Pere Brescó (Spain)
Complications in robotic gynaecological surgery. Bulgarian study. Slavcho Tomov (Bulgary)
Moderators: Jan Persson (Sweden), Pluvio Coronado (Spain)  Moderators: Murat Dede (Turkey) Luís Fernández de Castillo (Spain)
 12:00 Video Surgery: Simulation training (30 min)
Virtual Simulation. Thomas Ind (UK)
12:30 – 13:00 Closing and Evaluation. Presentation for next meeting