SERGS 2016 Meeting

Robot-assisted surgery in benign and malignant gynaecological pathology has exploded in the last decennium and the development is continuing and progressing fast every year! Do not miss the opportunity to get updated on the latest developments and studies in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities of Europe: Barcelona!

Robotics in Laparoscopy  

Personalised Approach


  • Live Surgery · Robotic and laparoscopic approach by simultaneous live surgery
  • Teaching · Step by step for the main robotic surgical procedures in Gynaecology
  • Results · Analysis and discussion about published data on robotic surgery
  • Members Participation · Promote e-posters, communications and videos.
    Select the best for each topic to raise as official presentation
  • Multidisciplinary approach · Nurses care and research
  • Auxiliary surgical devices · Round table video-presentation
    (vessel sealers, uterine manipulators, trocars and insufflators)
  • Additional relevant topics · Educational SERGS Programme, Cost and Efficiency, New technologies and devices and Complications